August 10-12 in Rhinebeck NY


Omega’s third annual Memoir Festival brings together celebrated memoirists along with new and seasoned writers who have real stories to tell and the courage to turn them into art. This weekend event is a unique opportunity to steep yourself in an art form that is on the cutting edge of literature today.

This year’s program includes Andre Dubus III (House of Sand and Fog and Townie); Peter Birkenhead (Gonville), Melissa Coleman (This Life Is In Your Hands), and Linda St. John (Even Dogs Go Home to Die). They are joined by the inimitable McCourt brothers, Alphie and Malachy. The weekend is hosted by Fred Poole and Marta Szabo, directors of Authentic Writing.

Memoir, with its commitment to the artist’s own story and life, insists that writers take their own story seriously. It turns the writer inward to the true source of all art. This profound journey takes us from a story in our mind, where logic can prevail, to paper, where art and self-discovery take over and suddenly the outcome to any story is not so fixed.

This weekend you have time to explore and experiment with your own writing, as well as listen to and question some of the most outstanding memoirists in the nation. Through interactive writing workshops, discussions, readings, and the exhilarating chance to share your own work in public, you explore the art and craft of memoir in a beautiful and inspiring natural setting.

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