Very few writers have had the kind of career PETE HAMILL has had. He was born in Brooklyn of immigrant Irish parents from Belfast. In the mid 1960s, he began his journalism career as a reporter with the NY Post, and over the following decades he would establish himself as one of the most powerful journalistic voices in the city. As a columnist for the NY Post, the NY Daily News, the Village Voice, and Esquire magazine, Pete wrote about everything — politics, crime, music, cultural affairs. His point of view has always been that of a humanist and a poet, and he never lost touch with the rhythm of the streets and the soul of the common man. Pete served as an editor for both the Post and the News. He has published over 20 books: memoirs (A DRINKING LIFE) non-fiction books (WHY SINATRA MATTERS) and best-selling novels (FOREVER). As a writer, Pete is a true Renaissance Man, and as a human being, he is, as they say in the Old Country, a real mensch.

Of Hamill’s many interests, one of his most enduring subjects is his affection for Mexico. As a young man, he studied art in Mexico, and for a time in the early-1990’s he was editor of an English-language newspaper in Mexico City. He continues to live in Mexico for extended periods of time and has written often in travel magazines and other publications about his bond with the place.

Which is partly why we at IAW&A are so excited to have Pete Hamill as one of the featured speakers at THE IRISH-MEXICAN ALLIANCE, an evening of Celtic & Mexican music, Chicano & Irish poets, all to raise money for THE COMMITTEE TO PROTECT JOURNALISTS. To learn more about this event please check out previous posts on this blog page….

We hope that you and your friends will turn out to hear Pete Hamill speak, to experience some great Irish and Tex-Mex music, and contribute to a worthy and important cause.

WHEN: December 8, 2010, Weds., 7-11 pm.

WHERE: Connolly’s Pub, 121 W. 45th St., Manhattan

PRICE: $30 (suggested donation)