THE IRISH-MEXICAN ALLIANCE: Robert Kennedy and César Chávez break bread.

The Irish-Mexican Alliance is not a slogan; it really exists. It’s roots can be traced to the San Patricio Brigade, a battalion of mostly Irish American immigrants who fought on behalf of the Mexican people in the U.S.-Mexico war of 1845-48. More than 100 years later, the Irish-Mexican Alliance was present in the work of the late Robert F. Kennedy, who, together with labor organizer César Chávez, stood tall with Chicano migrant workers in California. It is this spirit we are attempting to harness with THE IRISH-MEXICAN ALLIANCE, an evening of Celtic & Irish music, Chicano & Irish poets, Irish & Mexican beer. Sponsored by IAW&A, the event is a fundraiser for THE COMMITTEE TO PROTECT JOURNALISTS, who are trying to bring attention to and provide legal support for Mexican journalists who are being killed, intimidated and forced to seek asylum in the U.S. for DOING THEIR JOB i.e. reporting on the Narco War in Mexico. We urge you to support this important cause by spreading the word and coming out for what promises to be a historic night of multi-cultural solidarity in NYC.