The time has arrived for our annual gathering o fIAW&A members to highlight accomplishments from the past year and discuss strategy for the year ahead,and to meet and greet one another. The meeting is a great chance for the general membership and Board of Directors to intermingle and also for members to interface with one another. Don’t miss it…but you must RSVP (see below)


WHEN: Wed., June 19, 2013, 6-7:30 pm

WHERE: The Irish Consulate, 345 Park Avenue, 17th Fl., Manhattan.


As always, there is much to discuss. Among other things, we will divide members into various committees to better determine what we might accomplish in the months ahead. Please come to the meeting with ageneral idea of which committee might be best suited to your particular interests and/or skills. The committees are as follows:


Events Committee – helping to plan and organize upcoming events, most notably the Eugene O’Neill Lifetime Achievement Award event, which takes place this year on Monday, October 21, 2013.


Communications Committee – If you have thoughts about how to improve our outreach andcommunications with our members via Facebook, blogand website, this is the committee for you. In particular, we are looking for someone to set up a You Tube page for IAW&A and also a webmaster willing to take on the task of keeping our website up to date.


The Frank McCourt Scholarship Committee – In Spring 2014 we will launch an important new initiative – the Frank McCourt Scholarship. At a luncheon ceremony we will award a graduating student from Frank McCourt High School with a financial honorarium, in honor of writer Frank McCourt. There is much work to be done raising money for the scholarship fund; interfacing with Frank McCourt High School to establish criteria for the award; and planning the event ceremony.


Membership Committee – How do we go about soliciting new members, particularly well-known Irish American artists who should be a member of our organization but are not? If you have ideas or are interested in issues related to bolstering our membership, this is the committee for you.



If you will be attending the meeting, please RSVP Remember to bring photo ID to gain access to the Irish Consulate.