For millions of people around the world, the love of reading and singing was born with a Christmas story or carol.

That’s the all-in-one idea behind the ultimate new Christmas package, Mr. Holidays Presents The Roof Top Hop. Through the merry character of Mr. Holidays, Michael Sheahan tells children an instantly classic new Christmas story, performs the title song on a sing-along CD and has his friend, Broadway’s own Michael Balderrama of the hit Broadway show, In the Heights, teaches kids the new roof-top-hop dance steps, ones step at a time.

Lavishly illustrated by Douglas Wright, Mr. Holidays Presents The Roof Top Hop is an inviting storybook/CD/DVD package that invites young readers to read, sing, and dance as they share a never-before-revealed secret about Santa. As Sheahan proclaims, it’s “hip-hop . . . be-bop . . . rock n’ roll . . . that brings joy and happiness to every soul.”

Michael Sheahan, a highly decorated retired NYPD detective, is an accomplished singer, songwriter, and musician.

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