The Irish American Writers and Artists Salon invites you to join us in celebrating the seventh birthday of Dublin-based publisher, Seven Towers Agency at the Cell Theatre at 338 W. 23rd Street at 7 pm.  This is part of our regular IAW&A Salon schedule.

As an organization celebrating and promoting Irish and Irish-American writing, Seven Towers has goals very much in line with IAW&A’s Mission.  Seven Towers publishes books as well as anthologies of works by writers who have participated in its readings.   So, come out to the Cell for a great literary evening and the chance to learn more about an enthusiastic publisher of new writing!


In addition to our usual lineup of outstanding IAW&A Writers and Artists,  the birthday party will feature:

  • Lissa Kiernan,
  • Doog Wood, and
  • John Liam Shea.

If you would like to present at our next Salon at the Thalia on April 2nd or at the birthday party Salon at the Cell on April 16th, as always, email John Kearns at

About 7 Towers 

Seven Towers  is a not for profit company that was set up in April 2006 by a group of friends who love great literature. They knew of a great many superb writers and poets, who, were not finding publishers or exposure to the public. Thus they began publishing and agenting books and setting up readings, and have continued to do so since then. Seven Towers is not supported by any grant or aid, and is run totally on the good will of those who help and promote our work.  All people who work with Seven Towers do so as volunteers.  All money made from works published is used to publish further works.

We strive to foster an atmosphere of collaboration and co-operation among artists of many different genres and disciplines and people with like-minded ideals. We also strive to foster a strong international feel to our work, inviting writers of poetry, drama, fiction and non-fiction from other continents to drop by and read with us and work with us. Not only this, but Seven Towers runs readings in the US and in Britain as well as Dublin, Ireland, including the Last Wednesday Series, the Chapters and Verse series and the Themed Thursday Series.

Seven Towers is immensely proud to be part of a flourishing Dublin literary scene and sees a bright future for Irish and international writing.

See you at the Salon!