Kathleen Frazier

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The Mysterious Makings and Recovery of a Sleepwalker

The Cornelia Street Café
29 Cornelia St. (west of 6th Ave, bet. West 4th and Bleecker)
Thursday, July 11th, 2013
$8 cash cover, includes a free drink
Reservations suggested (212) 989-9319

Somniloquies: The Mysterious Makings and Recovery of a Sleepwalker is a coming of age story in which Kathleen seeks to untangle her twenty years of chronic somnambulism: the origins at adolescence when her brother first attempted suicide (a sort of nighttime mirroring of his waking pain), her own near-death experiences while sleepwalking, and failed efforts to abate her malady with booze. It is a love story to her Irish American family of the 1960s – ‘70s, a longing to balm their wounds from generations of fretful nights.  Ultimately, it is a story of recovery, romance and redemption.  In 1990, at the age of thirty, Kathleen met her husband days after the terrible sleepwalking accident that brought her to her knees.  One night at a time, Mark showed her the link between comfort, trust and peaceful slumber.

Read Kathleen’s essay, “Creature of the Night”, published in Psychology Todayhttp://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/201204/two-minute-memoir-creature-the-night