By Charles R. Hale

Kathleen Donohoe, an Irish American Writers and Artists’ member and frequent Salon contributor, learned today that she has won first prize in the prestigious Crossroads Irish-American Writing Contest. In addition to a cash prize, Kathleen has been invited to read her story at the Crossroads’ Festival in San Francisco in March. 

“I’m very excited about the award,” Kathleen said. “Actually, it’s the first piece I ever read at an IAW&A Salon.  I first learned of the contest when it was announced at one of the Salons and later when the IAW&A posted a link on its website.  I never, ever, would have heard about it otherwise.”

The story is a chapter from Kathleen’s novel in progress and is titled You Were Forever.  The story takes place in Brooklyn, NY in October 2001. Kathleen tells the tale of one of the first women firefighers in the history of the FDNY attending the funeral of the first male firefighter who befriended her on the job.

Kathleen regrets that she will be in San Francisco on St. Patricks day but said, “I’ve been thinking about a Brooklyn pub crawl…maybe we can get a group from the IAWA to do the Brooklyn St. Pat’s Day Parade.”  Yes, a resourceful woman and a wonderful writer. 
Congratulations, Kathleen.  Well deserved.