by Kathy Callahan
Malachy McCourt is the hardest working storyteller on both sides of the Hudson: a seanachie like no other in the Irish tradition. Himself through and through. Malachy imparted his magic through song, poetry, storytelling and observational wit that doesnt quit to an immediately enchanted audience at SOPAC on Saturday March 9. I have to admit when I first heard about, Loving Life and Laughing at Death…… NJ of all places! I thought, “Malachy must be working on the sequel: The O’Soprano’s of the Oranges. And he’s coming to South Orange to try out new material on us.”
Here is the take away from the show.
1.  You can love life while laughing at death in New Jersey, all the while discovering no less than 75 ways to say it.  Malachy read a roaring out loud list of words, expressions:
She has bit the dust, expired, gone to a better place and or the other side. And where is the other side exactly? How do you know if it is a better place? I’d like to know so that I can plan ahead.
  Malachy’s prayer was answered 70 years later.
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