by Maura Mulligan

You are invited to celebrate the ancient Celtic festival of Imbolc & the feast of St. Brigid. February 1st marks the beginning of spring in Ireland. The goddess, Brigid, and the saint are both known as patroness of poets, bards, musicians, midwives, farmers and healers.


Qualified teachers will offer mini lessons in Irish language, dance, weaving & yoga.
The classes are free. Participants are asked to donate for studio rental & invited to share homemade food offerings.

Guests may share artistic gifts of poetry, song, story, music and dance.

The following teachers are lined up for the event:

  • Mary McIntyre, native of Co. Mayo has taught Irish language both in Ireland and here in New York. She works for the NYC DOE
  • Philomena Connors is a certified Hatha 1 Yoga teacher. She studied at Integral Yoga Institute here in New York and teaches there regularly.
  • Bernadette Cullen is a poet and teacher in New York.
  • Maura Mulligan, Mayo native has taught Irish language & dance in NY for over twenty years. She is a certifiedCéilí dance teacher.

Two rooms are booked at Ripley Grier Studios, 131 West 72nd St (between Broadway & Columbus). 6:30-9:30 pm.

Classes are free. Participants will share the studio rental. At about $15 per person, it’s the best deal in NYC!

In the interest of time, some classes will run concurrently.

1. Yoga (active participation)
2. Weaving St. Brigid’s cross (active participation)
3. Irish language (active participation – two levels offered)
4.Ceílí Dancing (active participation)
5. Poetry (lecture/discussion)

It’s not too late to sign up.

We will have guest presentations at the social hour following the classes. So far, we have the promise of a song from the lovely voice of Vera Wrenn. The vivacious Kathleen Higgins will remind us about good nutrition. Witty comedian, Sarah Fearon has “penciled this in.” I hope that means she’ll share her talent.

We’ll be tempted to taste bones when we sample St. Brigid’s cakes from Deirdre Batson’s amazing kitchen. What else? Oh yes, Nancy Oda says she loves to cook. Yum!

Participants are welcome to bring wine, cheese, fruit and or a favorite dish to share.

The celebration is Friday, Jan 31st from 6:30-9:30 pm.

Location: Ripley Grier Studios, 131 West 72nd St. (between Broadway & Columbus) you’ll warm up climbing the stairs to the 2nd floor. No elevator.

RSVP requested by 1/26.

Email Maura Mulligan at

Phone: 201 869 6717