We at Irish American Writers & Artists, Inc (IAW&A) want to wish everyone a banner year of good health and enlightenment in 2013.

Last year was another big one for IAW&A, as our membership grew by nearly 20 percent. The year was busy with activities and events.

If you attended the Fourth Annual Eugene O’Neill Lifetime Achievement Award event in honor of singer JUDY COLLINS in October, you know that was perhaps our most enchanting O’Neill Award ceremony so far. Also this past year was another presentation of THE IRISH-MEXICAN ALLIANCE, an evening of Chicano and Irish poets, Celtic and Mexican music, all to raise money for an important charitable cause. Following on a similar event held in New York City in 2011, last year’s was held in El Paso, TX and was a stellar example of multi-cultural solidarity.

Also in 2012, we had a rollicking party to celebrate the publication of Frank and Malachy McCourt’s A COUPLE OF BLAGARDS, a stage presentation by the Mssrs. McCourt first staged more than 20 years ago and now an Irish American classic.

Our twice-monthly IAW&A salons, where writers, poets, actors, musicians, and filmmakers perform or exhibit works in progress – or finished works – continues to be a huge success. The most recent salon at The Cell Theater in Manhattan, held in mid-December, was perhaps the biggest and most lively so far.

Last year, we continued to expand our social media network on Facebook and through electronic newsletters (like this one) and on our website, all in an attempt to create a better system for members to communicate to other members about upcoming publications, plays, music, shows, etc. Many of these changes and new directions have come via suggestions from you, the membership, at our annual Full Membership Meeting, which takes place in June and is held at the Irish Consulate Building in midtown Manhattan.

We are still a young organization, just now heading into our fifth year of existence. Our primary goal is for further growth and success in the 2013, with continued salons for our members to develop their work, continued collaboration with other Irish American organizations and multi-cultural solidarity events with non-Irish groups, more fun and festivities.

We hope that you will continue to renew your annual membership ($50) and remain a vibrant part of IAW&A in the New Year.


T.J. English,

Board of Directors

Peter Quinn
John Kearns
Malachy McCourt
Kathleen Donohoe
Ashley Davis
Skye Gurney
Larry Kirwan
Honor Molloy
Mary Pat Kelly
Daniel Costello
Tim O’Brien
John Lee