On Monday, December 9, 2013, IAW&A member and frequent Salon presenter, Margaret McCarthy, will have a staged reading of her play, The Sacrificial King: A Play for John Lennon, at Ryan’s Daughter. Come out and support Margaret and her play, a day after the anniversary of Lennon’s assassination.

The Sacrificial King: A Play for John Lennon

by Margaret McCarthy


350 E 85th ST  [BTW 1ST & 2ND AVE]

8:00 pm * $10 admission [includes drink!]

This play about art, creativity and imagination parallels scenes from the life of John Lennon and a young girl who is a Beatle fan and an aspiring artist herself, as she comes of age during that explosive era. Family relationships and loyalty to friends compete against commitment to one’s artistic path, amidst the social and political turbulence of the time. Each confronts what fame, or its lack, means to them. Does fame create an aura of obscene ownership?  Was it ever different? The play’s over-riding question: What in our nature causes us to build up and then tear down our heroes? The play suggests it’s an ancient part of the human psyche that we all must confront- hence the ritual of the Sacrificial King in ancient societies, and the play’s title.


Irish Amarican Writers and Artists Salon Reading, The Cell Theat

Dreamcatcher Entertainment’s Talent on Tap Reading Series is graciously hosted in the upper lounge of Ryan’s Daughter Pub in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.  We put together Staged Readings of new works with professional actors, director, and a featured designer.  Following the Reading, there is an open talkback with the audience.  Tickets $10 and include a complimentary cocktail.