Salon founder Malachy McCourt (seated at right) surrounded by presenters.

Photo: Cat Dwyer

Have you heard about our Salons? Once or twice a month, usually at The Ellington on the Upper West Side, occasionally at other venues or online, IAW&A members and guests gather to read, sing, act, dance and enjoy one another’s company. The lineup varies, as do the hosts, and every evening features artists at various points in their journey, sharing work at different stages of completion. This highlights something that sets our organization apart: a focus on process, and on artists of all kinds actively engaged in creative work.

Some of our Salons are special, curated events built around a theme or a particular individual; most of the time they are open to members who sign up in advance. Many of our members have shared work that has gone on to be published, staged, or otherwise produced. Some of us had our first experience with public performance and reading at our Salons. But for everyone, the atmosphere we create is a warm and welcoming one, thanks to our members and friends who make up the audience.

And just as the artists who present their work benefit from a supportive crowd, the audience is treated to a night of eclectic material – some of it sad, some hilarious, but always thought provoking and engaging. Malachy McCourt, who originally suggested the Salons shortly after our organization was founded, often points out how remarkable it is that one can find a performance of such range and quality – for free – in New York City.

Come join us – you’ll be glad you did!


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