Salon founder Malachy McCourt (seated at right) surrounded by presenters.

Photo: Cat Dwyer

The IAW&A Salons, the brainchild of Malachy McCourt, began in June of 2011. At the monthly meetings, IAW&A novelists, poets, musicians, filmmakers, painters, and theater artists gave presentations on the first Tuesday of every month. These IAW&A Salons grew so popular and artistically successful that the IAW&A added a second evening on the third Tuesday of every month. The IAW&A Salon is held on the first Tuesday of the month at  Thalia Studio at Symphony Space, and on each third Tuesday at the cell in Chelsea. The Salon thrives on participation from our members, and special guests. To sign up for a five- or eight-minute presentation at a future Salon, you may sign up here. We have a team of people who help produce the Salons, taking turns acting as Salon hosts, shooting photos, and assembling blog posts that summarize each IAW&A Salon. If you would like to be on the Salon team, send an email.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are suspending our Salon schedule at this time.

We hope to return soon, but will not be able to determine an exact date until the current health crisis begins to resolve in a positive direction.

To all members of IAW&A community:  Keep healthy; stay creative.