Genre: Short Story

The Crossroads Irish-American Festival, through the establishment of the Crossroads Irish-American Writing Contest, wishes to support and develop the voices of Irish-American writing. Through this contest, we endeavor to spur and support the development of short stories from new and aspiring writers.

Short Story Writing Contest Guidelines

In 2011, the second year of the writing contest, we welcome the submission of short stories that engage with the meaning of an Irish-American heritage (multiple/hybrid ancestries included).
• Please submit previously unpublished work of up to 3,500 words. Submissions in languages other than English are welcome.
• One submission per person only.
• Electronic submissions only. Please make submissions to
• Deadline: September 30, 2011
• Entrance Fee: $20.00.
• For more information please click here.

First Place Award: $300. Additionally, the winner may be invited to participate in the 9th Annual Crossroads Irish-American Festival in March 2012 by reading an excerpt from his/her submission with flight and hotel expenses paid by the Crossroads Irish-American Festival.

Read Your Writing at the Crossroads Irish-American Festival – March 2012
Join us in San Francisco in March 2012! All writers who submit entries to this writing contest are invited to read an excerpt of their submission at the 9th Annual Crossroads Irish-American Festival in March 2012. We will host a reading during the Festival with date, time and location to be determined.

About The Crossroads Irish-American Writing Contest
Crossroads is interested in the varied and multiple ways in which one can be “Irish” in “America”. In this sense, to be Irish-American means that one can be first or fifth generation, with or without a diversity of other ethnic/racial inheritances. To be Irish-American can mean that one hails from Boise, Brooklyn, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Halifax, Montserrat or Fairbanks. In other words, we define Irish-American as inclusive of the Americas. And, we are interested in all of the possible ways that the Irish have impacted and shaped experience, identity, culture and society in each and every corner of the Americas.