Earlier this year, IAW&A had great success with ISLAND PEOPLE SUPPORTING ISLAND PEOPLE, a fundraiser event of music and readings in support of earthquake relief for Haiti. We raised $108,000 on behalf of Concern Worldwide, a Dublin-based charitable organization that used the money to address the immediate humanitarian crisis in Haiti.

Well, now there is another crisis that demands our attention…

A group known as the Committee to Protect Journalist (CPJ) has been seeking to draw attention to the issue of journalists in Mexico being murdered, intimidated and forced to seek political asylum in the U.S. for doing their job, i.e. reporting on the Narco War in Mexico (click to view incredible CPJ report at mexico).

As an organization devoted to freedom of the press, freedom of speech and freedom of expression for all artists, we at IAW&A wholeheartedly support the efforts of CPJ.

We have formed THE IRISH-MEXICAN ALLIANCE, a group of writers, artists and their supporters, who are in the process of organizing a night of Celtic and Mexican music, Chicano and Irish poetry, etc., all to raise money for CPJ.

Flag of the San Patricio Brigade.

Among other things, we are hoping to summon the spirit of the San Patricio Brigade, a group of Irish Americans who fought on behalf of Mexico in the mid-19th Century.

WHEN: December 8, 2010, Wednesday, 7-11 pm

WHERE: Klub 45, upstairs at Connolly’s Pub, W. 45th St. (btwn 6th Ave & Bway).

You will be hearing more about this event in the weeks ahead. If you would like to make a charitable donation to this cause, which will help greatly with the planning of the event, please go to the Home Page of IAW&A website (i-am-wa.org) and click the DONATE button….  Your donation is tax deductible and will be earmarked specifically for THE IRISH-MEXICAN ALLIANCE.