A little history.

Formed in 2008, Irish American Writers & Artists is proudly non-sectarian, non-partisan and welcomes members of all backgrounds.  We are a 501(c)3 non-profit group. 

A little bragging.

In our early years, IAW&A helped save St. Brigid’s Famine Church in NYC, raised funds for victims of the Haitian earthquake and inaugurated the annual Frank McCourt Prize for high school students with a flair for creative writing. We support other arts organizations, including the Sean O’Casey Theatre in Dublin and have worked with The Fortune Society.  We have raised funds for Urban Librarians Unite, for Friends of Firefighters and have donated to The Dwelling Place of New York and the SAOL project of Dublin and the St. Pat’s-for-All Parade.

A vital mission.

We celebrate the achievements of Irish American writers and artists, past and present and we aim to highlight, energize and encourage Irish Americans active in the arts. We support artistic freedom, human rights and social justice.

A vibrant community.

At the suggestion of IAW&A co-founder Malachy McCourt, we hold twice-monthly salons, originally live in NYC and now virtually, attracting participants from all over the world. You might find poets, writers, musicians, singers, songwriters, actors, playwrights, storytellers, dancers, visual artists or comic performers presenting their work. Whether aspiring or accomplished, the artists find community, encouragement and  respect at our salons. Salons are free and open to the public and the audiences always enjoy a good show.

Salons have gone “on the road” to New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia, Chicago, St. Louis and Washington DC and online with artists in Dublin and Belfast. As word of our salons has spread, we’ve welcomed visiting artists from across the US, from Ireland and other parts of the world.

More about the Salon

Beyond the salon.

We hold book launches, theater events and conversations with artists. IAW&A is recognized by Irish American organizations as an important contributor to NYC’s Irish American arts scene. We were honored to hold a salon at the official 1916 Commemoration in New York, at the invitation of the Consulate of Ireland in New York.

Our annual fundraiser.

Every year we give the Eugene O’Neill Lifetime Achievement Award to an individual for an exemplary contribution to the arts. A rollicking party and our only annual fundraiser, The O’Neill Award fulfills our mission to celebrate our heritage, explore our traditions and embrace the future.

More about The O’Neill Award and Benefit